Background on Gary Goldman

Gary Goldman holds a M.A. in organizational development and is President and Founder of Kidzamerica which is an outgrowth of his 20 years of pioneering work in diverse urban, suburban and rural communities. He is a nationally recognized leader in education reform and youth empowerment and is the coauthor of the book, Empowering Students to Transform Schools. Gary has taken his message of channeling the power of a generation of young people across the country. He has a special gift for reaching the hearts and minds of our children and demonstrating that all young people want to be involved in creating a better future for everyone.

Kidzamerica's mission is to create a national and global Youth Empowerment Movement that gives America's youth a voice, engages youth in volunteerism in partnership with adults, impacting community safety and quality of life, as well as public policy in helping to shape the future prosperity and health of our communities, nation, and the world. Mr. Goldman's process provides a framework for creating a new community culture that builds healthy human beings and a positive learning environment for preparing students with the academic, social and leadership skills necessary for the 21st century.

Gary Goldman has been acclaimed as a dynamic and knowledgeable trainer and speaker for a wide range of multi-cultural audiences. His presentations and workshops to schools and communities have proven invaluable in applying practical strategies for teachers, parents, administrators, community members and youth. Gary also has extensive experience in organizing and moderating youth-centered community-wide town meetings and forums that serve as a catalyst for building a youth-adult shared vision and goals for impacting communities.

Mr. Goldman has worked with the Illinois Municipal League and a bi-partisan coalition of Illinois and national Mayors and community leaders to spearhead a Youth-Centered Community model in Illinois for creating healthy and safe sustainable communities. He envisions Illinois as a prototype for other communities across the nation. Gary recently spoke at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, DC about this movement.

Published works include the comprehensive Quality Leadership Workbook, Quality Student Leadership Workbook and Facilitator Guide, Quality Student Learning Guide, and his book, Empowering Students to Transform Schools. Colleges are incorporating this text and his workbooks into their syllabi. His K-12 curriculum educates adults and students in total quality education, transformational learning and leadership, and empowerment for school and community application in the creation of learning communities. The process provides a framework for creating positive learning environments that prepare students with the academic, social, and leadership skills necessary for the 21st century.

Mr. Goldman has been featured in the national media, including The Learning Channel, WGN, ABC, Comcast, and CNN Headline News and hosted his own weekly Chicago radio show, Champions of our Children. He has presented at major conferences including the National Governor's Conference, National Education Symposium, National 4-H Conference, and the Illinois Municipal League and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Mr. Goldman has published articles nationally on his innovative work and has guest lectured at major universities and has traveled overseas to present his model on educational reform and student empowerment. His work with youth was featured on national network news called, Unsung Heroes.