Gary Goldman, M.A. in Organization Development, is a nationally-recognized leader in education reform and youth empowerment and he is the coauthor of the book, “Empowering Students to Transform Schools”. He has worked to build sustainable and healthy communites in the city of Chicago in the neighborhoods of Austin, Pilsen, South Chicago, Back of the Yards, and Berwyn and has served hundreds of Chicago Public Schools and communities across the nation including Illinois, California, Iowa, Indiana, Utah, Kentucky, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and internationally in England.

He has designed and facilitated open dialogues with youth and adults in numerous communities. Specifically, town meetings have included, Lisle, Illinois (co-sponsored with Chicago Sun-Times and St. Benectine University), South Suburban Chicago town meeting with Crime Commission and National Safety Council, Governor’s State University, and City-Wide Chicago Public Schools.

Gary has taken his message, for 20 years, of channeling the power of a generation of young people across the country in urban, suburban, and rural America. He has a special gift for reaching the hearts and minds of our children and demonstrating that all young people, challenged, disabled, leaders, are very passionate about the issues that effect them and they want to be involved in creating a better future for everyone. He has developed a comprehensive youth-centered community model that he has piolted in several cities, including East Chicago, Indiana and Berwyn, Illinois (a Chicago suburb). Mr. Goldman is also collaboratively working on a national Youth Empowerment Partnerships (YEP) utilizing the power of technology and youth/community development.

Mr. Goldman has been featured in the media including TV stations CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN; newspapers Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and The Catalyst (Voice for Chicago School Reform); and radio WGCI, WIND, WYPA and hosted his own weekly Chicago radio show, Champions of our Children. He has served on various boards and taskforces, including the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Southland Chamber, and is a founding member of the National Learning Foundation in Washington, DC. He has presented at major conferences including the National Governor’s Conference, National Education Symposium, National 4-H Conference, and the Council of Great City Schools. Mr. Goldman has published articles nationally on his innovative work and has guest lectured at major universities including Northwestern, Depaul, Loyola and the University of Illinois on educational leadership and reform and student empowerment.

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